Are You Organized In Your Filing System? By Jason Douglas Essex

Are You Organized In Your Filing System? By Jason Douglas Essex

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Are You Organized In Your Filing System? By Jason Douglas Essex

Hello Everyone,
     As the year draws to a close,  I am going to try to throw a curveball your way,  to start the year off just right,  so sit tight.  We each have a filing system,  of one sort or another,  and use it the best way we can.  I am going to suggest something new onto you,  in this coming new year.  It should not be overly expensive,  nor overly time consuming,  if done slowly and continuously.

     Start out by gathering up the following items,  from any source that fits into your budget:  1) Three (3)  address books or address boxes for  1) business contacts,  2)  family and friends and  3)  for passwords and for your online presence.  Purchase a file folder system,   a box of some sort,  pens to go with them,  paperclips,  envelopes (of different sizes),  different paper then you normally use to write on (colored or textured would be worthwhile),  to keep in a binder(s),  a clipboard and a three (3) hole punch.  

     Keeping records,  such as tax records,  and reviewing your spending habits,  can be useful.  Try to keep a small jar of your lose change somewhere and track it’s growth for a thirty (30) day time frame.  You might even want to start a savings account,  just for it,  to meet a goal.  Savings accounts,  with a name on them,  for goals,  and small amounts of money going in to them,  monthly,  can help you to reach long term goals.  Try to setup several.
     I have been meaning to go on vacation for a prolonged period of time.  So I would create one (1) for vacations.  We each need to have funds on hand for auto repair,  health care,  technology,  and so forth.  Try to put away $10 (ten) to $25 (twenty-five) dollars a month to each one of these accounts,  to fund them,  or an amount in between.  
     Use your jar of coins to add funds to charities,  whenever you can.  You can also use this jar to randomly fund your accounts,  as needed.  If you are an online banker,  this will give you a reason to visit your local bank,  semi regularly.  Try to add in a dollar bill,  here and there,  as well.
     In closing,  start to keep a copy of each of your monthly bills and statements,  starting in the coming year.  Look to see where you can cut corners and to redirect you funds to.  By redirecting your monies,  in small ways,  you will be able to make long term changes,  over time.  Use them to be redirected towards other sources,  as needed,  such as books and learning tools.

     Jason Douglas Essex.
     Business and Life Coach.     

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