Do Not Be Link Crazy. By Jason Douglas Essex

Do Not Be Link Crazy. By Jason Douglas Essex

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Do Not Be Link Crazy. By Jason Douglas Essex

Hello Everyone,
     It has come to my attention,  over the years,  that it is best to be Link Light.  Keep your audience guessing,  whenever you can.  Links can be powerful tools,  but ensure that they land on the right page.  Your traffic should be your traffic,  and not belong to any other source(s).  Think about it this way:  How many different pools,  ponds,  rivers,  streams,  bays,  oceans and funnels do you want to take your money and revenue?  Use your name,  brand,  trademark,  icon,  logo,  and copyright to it’s best possible effectiveness.
     Do not allow others to steal it from you.  Use your key words,  title,  name and *content to *itsbestpossibleadvantage.  *Uselinkssparely,  *buttobestpossibleeffect,  and to certain key sources for the right purposes,  at the right date,  the right time,  at the right location and for the right occurrences.  By doing so your audience will become attuned to your way of doing posts,  over time.
     Learn what your links mean,  by platform.  If you see a strange one,  ask a question and do research on it to ensure you know what it means,  before you click on it.  A simple web search  can determine everything you need to know about it.  Review the websites terms and conditions,  to the best of your ability.  Normally you can determine everything you need to know before you even click on the link,  just by reading the content.  
     Again,  a simple web search does the trick,  for the venue or for the company.  Never trust an email from unknown contact,  source or company.  Remember what happened to the CEO of Coke,  when he was hit with a Social Engineer,  who emailed him?  Do not be a victim of this yourself.  Be on top of your game,  whenever reading your social media posts and digital documents.

     Jason Douglas Essex.

     Business,  Life,  Social Media Coach and Expert.

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