How To Take A Screen Shot On Your iPhone And Other Tips.  By Jason Douglas Essex.

How To Take A Screen Shot On Your iPhone And Other Tips. By Jason Douglas Essex.

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How To Take A Screen Shot On Your Iphone And Other Tips. By Jason Douglas Essex.

Hello Everyone,
     There will be times when you will need to take a screen shot of something on your smart tech, such as your iPhone.  This tip may be used with apps,  internet searches and anything that appears on your device.   It may become useful to record addresses,  checkins,  photos,  books,  magazines, purchases and food items of note to you.
     To achieve this feat simply hit the home key and the power button at the same time.  The home key is the circular button at the bottom of the iPhone and the power button is the rectangle button located at the top of the device.  It may be useful to email yourself with a well named subject heading regarding the nature of the picture(s) that you have just taken,  with date and time,  as reminders,  to jog your memory.
     I would also suggest sending yourself and others the highest possible quality pictures possible, whenever you can,  for your review and their review as well.  Make sure to backup copies on to external drives,  on to DVDs or CDs,  as often as possible,  with written notes upon them.  Keeping written records may become very useful,  down the road.  Videos with voice over may also become useful as well.  
     A short 30  to 60 second video can easily be sent in one email.  You would be surprised with what you can say in 30 to 50 seconds,  about something that you need to make quick notes about.  Try to send it to an account that has no Social Media Foot Print,  if possible.
     If you own an Android smart phone,  do the following to take a screen shot:  Locate the desired content on your device,  then hold down the “volume down” and “power” buttons,  in conjunction with one another,  and the result with be achieved.

     Jason Douglas Essex.

     Life,  Business,  Technology and Social Media Coach.


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