Linking The Third World Universes Together … Again. By Jason Douglas Essex

Linking The Third World Universes Together … Again. By Jason Douglas Essex

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Linking The Third World Universes Together … Again. By Jason Douglas Essex
     Every one of these universes has commonalities,  unto themselves,  but they also share like or similar traits,  such as this one:  The Game Of Sticks.  This is a ritualistic combat sport that has been used for a prolonged period of time,  and by this terminology I mean the following:  It has a strong cult following of fanatical supporters that gather at regular intervals,  to enjoy the spectacle.  They partake of it’s food with drink and to cheer the combatants and sportsmen to a fevered pitch.  I will now break down the general rules of this game,  and then lay the general origins,  by Universe:

     The Game Of Sticks: 

     The field that this game is played upon is two-hundred-fifty feet (250) in length and one-hundred-twenty-five (125) feet across.  In the center is a fire pit or a meeting place,  wherein the combatant’s or sportsmen gather to play The Game Of Sticks.  They meet herein,  at the beginning and at the end,  to tally the points as well as to declare the victor.  The Award Line is half the distance from the fire pit or meeting place towards the Defenders Position and a single (1) point is scored by crossing it with the opposing teams item.  Two (2) points are scored by forcing your way past the Defender with the item.
     The goal of this game is really quit simple:  To achieve as many points as possible by crossing the opposing teams Award Line as well as the Defenders Guarded Position.  The item in question comes from the opposing team and is provided by them.  The item is meant to be carried by a single player and is to be carried swiftly by any team that opposes them.  
     Teams are comprised of six (6) combatants or sportsmen and a single Defender,  who’s soul purpose is to guard the Defender’s Position,  so seven (7)  units total.  Each and every combatant or sportsmen is allowed the use of two (2) sticks and is allowed free reign on the field,  within the directive of the captain of the team.  The game is played in three (3) sets and has several rules in play,  at all time.  
     When an appendage is struck,  it can no longer be used,  for that session,  until the moderator calls for a break.  There are four (4) moderators,  one (1) that stays in the center,  one (1) on the mid left,  one (1) on the mid right and one (1) that is left free,  to rove about and enforce the rules.  A single (1) point is scored for each appendage.  Two (2) points are awarded for a torso strike and three (3) points are awarded for a head strike.  A torso or head strike will result in that combatant or sportsman being required to be immobilized,  in place,  for a verbal count,  on their part,  of five (5)  named units,  normally a very long sounding word(s),  with multiple syllables,  picked based off of the season or the reason for the event. 
     The Defender is allowed the use of one (1) stick and one (1) shield or two (2) shields,  depending on their preference.  The item to pass the Defender must clearly pass the Defender and his Position,  in whatever way possible,  to achieve a goal,  with no harm on to the Defender,  directly,  from the item.  The Defender is charged with protecting and guarding an area that is ten (10) feet long by six (6) feet deep,  this is knows the Defenders Position.  The Defender may change their weaponry,  from one (1) stick and one (1) shield to two (2) shields,  up to three (3) times during a game,  should they desire to do so.  
    Multiple games or events may be played,  seasonally or annually,  based off of the universe,  geopolitical climate,  due to the marketing of combatants and sportsmen of their past sportsmanship and gamesmanship from their peers or jeers. 
     Within the Third World Space Universe,  the “Sticks” that they employee are Stun Clubs SC342cr137-e and Stun Staves SS678sw68-p,  and Energy Charged Riot Shields,  ECRH745ss093-z.  The sportsmen wear kevlar body suits, KBS237sms849-c,  skullcaps,  with eye and nose guards,  SCENG086hgg348-h,  greaves,  GBG345gbg767-g,  bracers,  BBG205bbg846-b and breastplates, BPB936bpp815-b.  The item in question,  to pass through the Defender and their Position,  is a rune carved soapstone,  complete with handles and depicting pictures of Ragnorok with many of the primary gods and goddesses from that apocalyptic battle,  The Game Of Sticks Item #TGoS7654o-C34BoR1.  It is over a dozen pounds in weight,  and seems to vary whenever it has been measured or weighed.  
     Within the Third World Hero’s Universe,  The Game Of Sticks has been seen in many different  cultures,  through out history.  Peter Greyman reintroduces this during World War 2,  as a training exercise and tactile training course,  for am extended period of time.  He decided to use a plow harness,  for the item in question,  since it was a large,  heavy item that could be tossed about,  from teammate to teammate.  They used makeshift tree branches at first,  three (3) feet in length and used leather to wrap them with.  The Defenders used round,  or target shields,  to protect their Positions.  Padding and armor was not used,  but the leather helped,  a somewhat.  
     His goal was to build leaders and thinkers.  It had mixed results,  needless to saw.  With the demand for the war effort in full swing,  helmets and gear was incredibly scarce.  The use of these items,  which where used repeatedly,  was the very best that they could do.  
     Within the Third World System Of Magic Universe,  The Game Of Sticks has been played by each and every single culture,  each one has it’s own rights and rituals as well.  With every culture and with every dark force encouraged,  through the centuries,  this Game Of Sticks,  has been played,  with captured enemy forces.  In an arena style and by the inhabitance of their own culture,  at some point and time.  With makeshift rules and awards,  depending upon the geopolitical climate and conditions.  The reign and region of one dynasty,  empire or kingdom would see one (1) use of the game,  while another would see a period of near dormancy or ceremonial usage of them.
     In some rare cases,  when champions have been called for,  The Game Of Sticks has been used to settle the greater issue,  with the ultimate prize being paid.  Although this has had mixed results in the past,  when it has worked out well it has worked out a little to well.  There have been occasions when the course of history would have been changed,  if things had gone differently.

     End of Part One.
    Jason Douglas Essex.
    Creator Of The Third World Universes.

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