Third World Space: Note’s on Cloaked Fighters and Satellite. By Jason Douglas Essex.

Third World Space: Note’s on Cloaked Fighters and Satellite. By Jason Douglas Essex.

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Third World Space: Note’s on Cloaked Fighters and Satellite.  By Jason Douglas Essex.

Hello Everyone,

    Notes written on 10/11/2014.

     All cloaked fighters and satellites have a dormant force field that is geoactivated by proximity to it’s location.  The vehicle or satellite is awakened once something comes within it’s range,  cameras come online first,  then data is spooled to satellites and personal information is collected,  recorded then redirected.   From there drones are deployed from the closest possible source,  and “equipment” placed,  within the six (6) dimensional space about the interloper(s).   Communications are relayed and plans are given out for possible encounters.

     Alert levels vary by planets and bases depending on how many “activities” are occurring at once.  It was decide,  long ago,  that the norse gods would be used to identity threat levels,  since out side forces would not readily understand them.  “Odin” means foresight,  hindsight,   true strike and can also mean blinded on one side as well as refer to missiles.  “Thor” can mean hammer and anvil attack formation,  or to deploy a weapon type.  “Valkyrie” can be used to summon aid fallen ships and comrades.  “Midgard” means return to base.  The list goes on from there.  These one word commands from command to troops and back again have worked rather well in the past.  The corresponding symbols for the god are also in widespread use a swell. 

     The fighters and satellites can be manned or unmanned,  depending on the location.  They have the following types of armaments and fire power:  electrical pulses,  missiles,  slug based and force based fire power.  Slug based armaments consist of rail guns,  such as mini cannon balls,  the electrical pulses are mainly concentrated magnetic energy balls of force with raw iron ore,  within each charged shot.  

     A percentage of the fighter are cloaked and in deep sleep at all times.  They are former criminals,  that are to be delayed in times of great need.  They have been given the choice of life in prison or this service,  and have willing chosen this instead.  When awakened they are to be used to fight to the death or to be used as human bombs,  no retreat and no surrender.  A victory for them grants them freedom,  of a sorts.  Some of the best pilots in the service have started out this way.  Think in terms of mercenaries that have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this type of an arrangement.  

     The largest manned satellites are 20 miles in circumference.  They are suppled by vessels that are 5 miles in size  and are in a continues route to make the rounds along the system.  These satellites have one hundred (100) fighters,  each,  and run light recon for there assigned sector.  They also employee cloaked fighters while on patrol,  and have assigned mini satellites,  in there sector as well,  that are much smaller.  Mini cloaked satellites,  that are armed to the teeth and used for communications,  drones and dispersed throughout any given sector,  are also in great abundance.

Jason Douglas Essex.

Creator of the Third World Universes. 

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